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Imagine your life without chronic pain, constant fatigue, feeling bloated, or suffering from severe allergies. People who suffer from Candida, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Allergies are so sick all they want is to get their life back.

Very often, they are misdiagnosed and don’t even know what they have. With Dr. Dean’s original 3-Step Process, you will have a clear diagnosis and proper treatment that will help you get your life back.

Why Dr. Mitchell’s Practice is Unique

There are very few doctors in the country who have had as extensive training in holistic and conventional medicine as Dr. Mitchell.

“I believe a healthy immune system is the foundation for good health.” – Dr. Dean


Dr. Dean Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell’s background as an immunologist allows him to treat the whole patient, not just a specific organ. He believes a strong immune system is the key to health and well-being.

Our practice in Immunology has proven to help even the worst cases for many of our patients. We look at your diet, lifestyle, medical history and current medications. Often, one or more of these factors can cause your illness.

We don’t just give you a pill and send you home. You will leave with an Action Plan on your first visit.

Our Original 3-Step Process Includes:


2. TREATMENT: Cleanse and Detox

3. MOMENTUM: Build, Fine Tune, Sustain

Step 1. We Listen to Your Medical Story

Your initial Diagnostic Evaluation is unlike any first “consultations” in other practices. In your first 45—60 minute private session, you’ll meet with Dr. Dean, an M.D. immunologist. He will listen to and take your medical history himself, so he can review it and find the “gaps” in your previous treatments that are causing you to still feel sick. It won’t be a medical assistant or nurse taking your history, as is the case in many practices.

“History taking is one of our key methods of making an accurate diagnosis that leads to successful treatment. We call it the GAP Analysis.”

State of the Art Blood Testing

Dr. Dean uses the most advanced blood tests to check for inflammation in your body. Our tests are specific to targeting the issues our patients have and are crucial to an accurate diagnosis. You can bring prior blood tests to the appointment, but in most cases be prepared to have blood drawn for these special tests that can lead to your successful therapy.


Candida Skin Test and Gluten Oral Swab Test

We perform these 2 specialized tests to help determine the dietary advice Dr. Mitchell will give you. You may be taking supplements that are not being absorbed by your body, or are the wrong dosage.

We can see this right away. You will get a customized Action Plan, with a Diet and Supplements regimen at the end of your initial visit and evaluation.


Step 2. How We Treat Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Our treatment for these conditions is different than most practices. Step 2 in our 3-Step process is cleansing and detoxing for 60 days. Many patients tell us they feel much better during these 60 days.

Instead of sending you home with another pill, we offer specialized treatments of IV vitamins and gamma globulin, both immune boosters. Our follow up care has helped many of our patients.

Step 3. Momentum: Build, Fine Tune, Sustain

The next 6 months is designed to give you the momentum you need to continue to feel better. We know it can be challenging and many patients backslide one they begin to feel better. In Step 3, we are here to support you in sustaining your gains by monthly checkins and fine tuning your treatment.


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“We believe a healthy immune system is the foundation for good health.”



Most of our patients have out of network coverage, and are reimbursed by their Insurance company. Call the office for more information on Insurance.



Mitchell Medical Group Staff

The Mitchell Medical Group Staff: Mildred, Maria, Gladys and Patricia.


“Dr. Mitchell was the first doctor that was able to treat my fibromyalgia. I had almost given up. The diagnosis was magic, and I feel great for the first time in years.”


At Mitchell Medical Group we specialize in:


Fibromyalgia Treatment

Our approach to treating Fibromyalgia is by immune rebalancing. Inflammation of muscles or nerves is believed to be at the root of Fibromyalgia pain. Our cutting edge treatments using Vitamin and Magnesium therapy and Gamma globulin to reduce the inflammation is the key to recovery.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Our treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome involves using the SHINE protocol. SHINE stands for Sleep, Hormone imbalance, Infections, Nutrition and Exercise. Unique therapeutic treatments include intravenous Vitamin C infusions as well as combination of hormone balancing to achieve the best results.


Candida Hypersensitivity Treatment

Do you have Candida? In our experience, we have seen 4 different stages of Candida. We have the diagnostic tools to help confirm your Candida and design a treatment to rebuild your immune system. Our unique treatments involve refining the Candida diet, vitamin and herb supplements and Candida sublingual drops to give long lasting protection.


Sublingual Allergy Drops Treatment

We pioneered the use of Sublingual allergy treatment for environmental allergies 16 years ago (as noted in Dr. Mitchell’s book, The Allergy and Asthma Solution). Our experience is unmatched in this area, and we are asked to consult with physicians across the United States for guidance in helping their patients.

Make an appointment today. See how much better your life will be when you feel better, have less pain and have more energy!